The wedding day is definitely the most awaited moment in the life of the couple who are preparing to live, after months of preparation, the D-Day!

After the solemn ceremony, it is the Reception that attracts the most attention from the spouses and guests: it is the moment when, finally, everyone can express their joy for the happy event.

And it is right that the spouses crown their dream of love in an atmosphere of enchantment.

Today married couples have the opportunity to choose various forms of reception: there are those who aim at traditional receptions, there are those who celebrate on the beach, those who prefer lounge atmosphere, someone who dares with more rustic environments and, finally, who wants to treat yourself a princely party prefers elegant castles.

Whatever the context, the Confettata has become an indispensable moment.

For you and your guests it will be fun and impressive to create unique corners in the reception area to make your wedding unforgettable and original.

Your Wedding Planner will advise you and help you to realize the scenography not only of the whole Event but of every detail because everything must be linked by a common thread that will represent your uniqueness and your personality.

It will support you to organize various points to be discovered by the guests: they will certainly be amazed and pleasantly surprised.

But let’s see together what it is:

for the sweet tooth, the confetti of the wedding is an indispensable moment, for the most formal it is the final moment of the reception, the one in which they are offered to the guests with almonds or the delicious filling.

But whatever the reason, setting up the candy for your wedding is one of the most spectacular and tasty moments in the organization of the entire reception.

But which confetti to choose? Or rather … will we only use confetti?

Surely you can not miss the classic almond confetti, but today there is no end to the variety: tasty confetti to creams and fruit, even exotic, will satisfy even the most demanding guests and the addition of colorful Macarons and funny Marshmellows will pleasantly surprise even the most traditionalists!

Especially if the table for the confettata will be set up with art and with particular care for every detail, it will give a touch of class to the entire reception and will make this day of immense happiness for the spouses even more delightful.

I therefore wait for you to offer advice and suggestions and to prepare together the Scenographic Project of your Wedding!

Michela Ilaria Paldi

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