Antonio & Mariangela

In planning all phases of the Marriage of Antonio and Mariangela, two styles have merged to create a unique and personalized project on their desires where every detail has been taken care of with passion, creativity, originality and great care to tell their story and their Love.

The Boho-Chic Style of the Bride met the Natural Style of the Bridegroom for which it was of fundamental importance to bring out in their Marriage all the profound meaning that represent for him the Trees, the Wood and Nature.

An exceptional location, Casina di Poggio della Rota, surrounded by greenery, was the scene of a Civil Rite enriched with symbolic value because it was studied and prepared around the idea of ​​planting a young tree to symbolize the birth of a new life, their!

All the details have talked about them, allowing the guests to immerse themselves in a world of spell of Wood!

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