Dear brides,

Today I want to dedicate this article to all of you who are looking for the perfect solutions that can best express your dream for the great Day of the Yes!

How many of you at our first meeting ask me why I have chosen as the representative name of my Wedding Organizer Agency “SOMETHING MORE” I would like to reply with these words, hoping to communicate as fully as possible what feelings have pushed me with ever increasing passion towards my attitude that is my whole world:

Listening, interpreting the wishes of the spouses who rely on me, guiding them gently and advising them in their choices, solving their questions, guaranteeing an effective planning in every aspect to achieve the success of their event, coordinating all the professionals involved and at the same time raising the spouses from every tension and incumbency in order to then tell their story and their Love in the most important day of their Life, through the details, the lights, the sounds, the colors and the perfumes of their dreams.

The benefit they will get is priceless because it will allow them to get serene to the day of the great YES!

And this is the most exciting and rewarding for my profession! “

Listening to your story allows me to become a sure guide for your solutions and shows me the right way to create the perfect event that enhances and highlights the value of your Love! “

Believing strongly in this, I create unique and personalized weddings, making sure that the dreams of each couple are transformed into the most beautiful reality, with great variety of details and details, which I study with love, professionalism and passion.

When I meet you for the first time, I immediately establish that special feeling that allows me to enter gently and gracefully, almost on tiptoe, in your story, discovering, as between the pages of a book, your tastes, desires, the necessities and the personalities, in order to strike up the perfect Wedding to tell your Love!

I’ll wait for you soon, knowing that words can sometimes do little … we who dream let the emotions speak and BE that “something more” which makes the difference!

Michela Ilaria Paldi

Wedding Planner & Organizer

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