Dear Brides,

when you decide to contact a Wedding Planner to entrust the organization of your wedding, it is good to know that there are different types of consulting that you can choose based on what are your needs, your expectations and the budget you have available.Today we go together to consider two of these different types of advice: the total that we call “Full Personal Wedding” and the partial one that we call “Light Wedding”, that is  referring to the services that you will request and receive .

Most couples who usually decide to make use of the advice of a professional figure like Wedding Planner, have little time to devote to the details of a complex organization such as a marriage and therefore prefer a total support that raises them and easyto 360 degrees.

But there are also future brides who have time to do it (and here I ask to forgive all the spouses, because usually they are just the brides who venture into this search ..), they love to personally choose everything they need but maybe they fail to realize those desired details with the creativity they thought or hoped to have or simply wish to add “something more” to their event.

Therefore, they require partial consultation with the Wedding Planner.

But let’s see together the differences between the two possibilities:


Dreaming and taking care of a Marriage, from the very first steps up to its realization, is what always manages to give the best results.

This is why the “Full  Wedding” proposal is born, a solution that offers a 360 ° service with a total consultancy that takes care of carefully managing every aspect of the wedding organization:

from the choice of the place of the Ceremony and Location to the selection of the Catering, from the control to the optimization of the budget, from the choice of the Wedding Theme to the color that will dictate the settings, to the study of the floral scenography, to the layout design of the participations, of the Tableau , menus and placeholders, up to the definition of the Wedding Cake and the Confettata.

With this type of advice, the Wedding Planner is at the complete disposal of the spouses and takes care of advising, (without ever replacing the spouses but rather supporting them to get the best result), to select all the suppliers involved, coordinating the timing of implementation and taking care of the direction on the day of the Event.


The “Light Wedding” formula is instead dedicated to all those couples who are already well under way with the general organization but still want “something more”, unique and special that makes the day of Marriage even more exciting and memorable:

it can be decorations, graphics, floral design, settings, participation, photography, wedding favors, make – up, music or more.

The Wedding Planner in this case of partial advice, will create for the spouses a personalized project that can combine their tastes and their style, advising and selecting the suppliers and the most suitable materials to achieve what will be defined and planned.

In any case, whatever your choice, the final result, the goal to achieve and achieve is always aimed at the success of the Event, so that you can relax and enjoy your Great Day!

Michela Ilaria Paldi 

Wedding Planner & Organizer

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