Dear Brides,

last week we talked about what the Wedding Planner can do for you and what you can ask for.

We have investigated the difference between the two types of FULL or LIGHT consulting, analyzing the advantages and benefits.

But it does not end here … because among the many services that a Wedding Planner offers, there is also the formula called “Wedding Day Coodinator”.

Literally the wedding day coordinator is “he who coordinates the wedding day” …

But what does it do in detail?

And why is it important to choose it?

What is the “wedding day coordinator” service?

It is a service aimed at verifying and, in fact, coordinating the entire planned organization and all the professionals involved to realize it.

The WP will take care of managing the actual development, which must be carried out in the best possible way, according to the wishes of the spouses, who can thus breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy their day with serenity and joy.

It is basically intended for all those couples who organize the Wedding themselves but who will be able to use the expertise of their WP coordinator for the big day.

We pay much attention though:

this does not mean that to perform its role as wedding day coordinator, WP only works that day: its service begins at least one or two months before the wedding depending on the size of the wedding … because everything will have to be perfect!

Let’s see together how the role of the wedding day coordinator takes place.

The work begins by meeting the bride and groom to collect all the logistical information useful for planning the organizational phases that will mark the activities during the day of marriage and, above all, to understand what the couple’s wishes are.

After this first meeting the WP will contact all suppliers, will perform an inspection at the location and will draw up a detailed and precise timeline to define the timing to be met during the reception.

From this moment onwards the WP will be the coordinator, and not the spouses, to carry out a periodic recall with all the suppliers: the florist, the catering, the photographer, the musicians, the location, on any changes or to confirm the times of realization.

In this way it will allow the spouses to spend the weeks before the Big Day in complete calm, to enjoy those moments and those unique emotions that only the crowning of a dream can give away!

During the wedding day, then, WP will take care of the entire direction of the event in the smallest detail, supervising throughout the day that everything will take place in time and according to the wishes of the spouses, intervening if there are any unforeseen problems to which they will find the appropriate and timely solution.

That’s why it’s important to choose the wedding day coordinator In conclusion, when the day approaches, anxiety rises to the stars and managing the whole organization can be very difficult.

And it is right now that the WP responsible for being your wedding day coordinator, will relieve you from all the final tasks.

In addition, if you decide to choose this service you will speak with one person for every need, you will have only one interlocutor to know if everything has been defined and it will no longer be necessary to stay behind the thousand commitments and the thousand phone calls that precede the days before marriage.

Only in this way will you be sure that, like a splendid concert, your conductor will offer you the guarantee of a magnificent symphony!

Michela Ilaria Paldi

Wedding Planner & Designer

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