Dear Brides,

after having received many questions on what are the procedures and the timing to be followed for the entry of the Spouses, of the parents, of the pages and of the guests, today let’s see together what are the rules to remember for the perfect conduct of the Wedding Ceremony .

The entry of the Bridegroom

According to the bon-ton his arrival is expected at least 20 minutes before the indicated time on the participations.

According to the etiquette, the Spouse will make his entrance by extending his left arm to his mother or someone for her.

His arrival will be absolutely precedent that of the Bride and that of the guests to allow their warm welcome and to greet the relatives.

The groom will also be able to arrive with his closest friends and, in this case, he will wait outside the Church for his mother to arrive and then join the altar together.

After saying goodbye, the mother will position herself in the first desk on the right where her family’s closest relatives will sit.

The arrival of the guests

There are also some protocol rules for them: one aspect of fundamental importance is undoubtedly the punctuality:

not advised and forbidden to enter the church after the bride.

On this point the etiquette is very clear and provides that the guests, already placed in the desks, wait for the arrival of the bride in the church

I want to remind you, not to give rise to doubts, that the relatives of the bride will have to sit in the pews on the left while those of the groom on the right.

I also remind you not to stop, greet or kiss the bride before her entry, not to hinder the precious work of photographers.

The Bride’s entry

Always considering the rules of the classical rite, the Bride will come accompanied by her father (or someone for him) who will offer her his left arm.

A delay of 15/20 minutes is allowed, but it is definitely not recommended.

The father will help you get out of the car or the chosen means of transport.

Once arrived at the altar he will deliver it to the Bridegroom after having symbolically shake his hand.

He will gently lift the veil and together they will take their seats at the desk for them, surrounded by witnesses, to begin the wedding ceremony.

The entrance of the pages and the bridesmaids

If a traditional procession is planned, the pagers must precede the Bride, proceeding in a row for two, where only one will have the honorable task of carrying the pillow of the wedding rings.

The Bride will follow her father’s arm while the bridesmaids will close the procession and then arrange the veil and the train.

The Bouquet in the left hand, will be placed after entering the church and resumed at the time of the exit while the gloves, if worn, will be removed as soon as the Bride arrives at the altar: in this way she can put the Faith on her left hand.

Throughout the duration of the entrance, with the sublime background music, I advise the brides to always proceed elegantly towards the altar, with the gaze turned to the groom, with the safe and not fast pace of someone who knows that she is crowning the dream of a life letting yourself be admired by friends and relatives!

Michela Ilaria Paldi 

Wedding Planner & Organizer

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