Dear Brides,

we know that today there are different ways to promise Eternal Love:in church with a religious Marriage or in common with a Civil Rite.

But more and more often we hear about symbolic marriage. 

.The spouses who prefer this ceremony, prefer the spiritual value linked to this choice, where emotions and feelings become the real protagonists of this form of celebration.

The motivations that push a couple to choose a symbolic ritual are different but, among all, simply exceeds the desire to express to friends and loved ones the desire to undertake a journey together and therefore to want to be united forever.

Let’s see, however, to do some clarity .. 

Symbolic marriage is a ritual in all respects, even if it has no official legal value.

So if you want to make it civil, you will have to register your union with the City.Usually couples who decide for a symbolic wedding go in common the day before or even the day of marriage.

In fact, if the wedding is scheduled with evening time you can easily go in common that morning.

The civil marriage in common is therefore experienced as a simple bureaucratic act without a white dress or exchange rings, while the real ceremony will be the symbolic one that will be held at the location chosen by the spouses. 

Why opt for the Symbolic Rite:

One of the main reasons lies in the freedom to choose the location, even when it is very particular as a beach, a forest or a villa or a castle not authorized for the civil ceremony: different locations for events, although they offer a suitable place to set up the Ceremony on site, do not allow you to host the real civil ceremony, not being a municipal house and therefore not having the relevant requirements.

The same applies to places that you could have in your heart and where you would like to celebrate your union: a forest, a beach or a park ..

Another difference and strength and added value lies in being able to choose the celebrant. It can be a relative or a friend who with great emotion will join you in marriage!

However, there are also the celebrated professionals, who know the symbolic marriage and also guide you on some practical issues such as writing the celebratory discourse, offering support for the moment of the promise and suggesting other rites and symbols closely related to it.

Let’s see together the most loved rituals by couples:

Rite of light, with candles: the bride and groom have their candle lit and with them light a bigger candle together as a symbol of their love that feeds a single fire.

Rite of the sand: the sand of the bride and that of the groom, in two different colors, are poured into a single vessel and the ampoule can be kept as a souvenir.

Ring heat ritual: the faiths, in a wrapping, are passed from hand to hand to the guests, who will be able to hold them for a few moments in their hands to silently express happy thoughts about your couple and your happiness.

Rite of ribbons or handfasting: it is made with four colored ribbons representing the natural elements: water, air, earth and fire. These ribbons tie the wrists of the two spouses as a symbol of their bond.

It is a purely Irish ritual and usually also present in typical Celtic wedding.  Personally I find that the symbolic wedding is perfect for those who want a ceremony that is heartfelt, original and personalized.

If even among relatives and friends there was someone who was reluctant to express his appreciation for this very personal choice because he might think that it is a “fake” marriage, he will definitely change his opinion when he finds himself in such emotion taking part in a ceremony beautiful, special and heartfelt! 

Whatever your choice I will be happy to be able to help you to realize it to fulfill your dreams and If you decide for the Symbolic Marriage, fantasy and creativity will fly free to meet a completely original ceremony.

And the result will surely be unforgettable!

Michela Ilaria Paldi

Wedding Planner & Organizer


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