Simone and Gloria

A frame of enchantment has captivated the romantic heart of Simone and Gloria who have chosen to crown their dream right within the walls of the ancient Chiostro at Castello della Castelluccia, built between the 10th and 13th centuries, on the ruins of an ancient Roman villa, theater of the history of many noble families that have owned it over the centuries.

The magic of a sumptuous and elegant medieval castle has witnessed their splendid Wedding: immersed in the greenery of the Roman countryside, the Castle has hosted over the course of time popes, queens and illustrious personalities, still keeping its splendor and its mystery alive today. .

All the details have been taken care of to reflect the grace and elegance of a couple with a strong personality, determined and united by the same will of those who look with love in the same direction.

A Wedding logo has been created especially for them and a Palette Deep Green & Gold has harmoniously accompanied every detail: from the Invites to the Tableau, from the Centerpieces to the Menus, from the golden wooden letters necessary to name the tables, finely prepared by our craftsmen, to the scenographic Confettata.
In this magical atmosphere, between romantic corners and enchanting gardens, Simone and Gloria continued the festivities by offering their guests a splendid Wedding Reception that transported everyone into a wonderful and romantic dive into the past!