Dear Brides,

one of the latest trends in 2019 wedding is definitely The Flower Wall.

To those of you who asked me to go deeper into the subject, here are the details that can help you learn more about the trend that is increasingly present in Wedding events.

The Flower Wall is literally a wall of flowers that can be made either with fresh flowers or with silk and fabric flowers or even paper.

Certainly it is an installation that will have a truly amazing scenographic impact on all the guests!

Since these are real architectural works, these types of decorations require great professionalism and competence on the part of those who will make them and a large quantity of raw material: flowers.

The work of realization is really meticulous and requires a great precision especially when it is decided to use fresh flowers that only expert hands will be able to work.

To make the flower wall perfect and durable, fresh and durable flowers like roses, peonies, hydrangeas, carnations, gardenias to weave with green foliage or to be set up with succulent plants that give the composition a very luxuriant look should be used. and luxuriant enough to obtain an unforgettable emotional and visual impact on guests!

During the Wedding Day the flower wall can be used in various positions to be a point of attraction for everyone:

you can think of setting it up outside the Church or the place where the Rite is celebrated or behind the Spouses’ table with their initials.

Personally I would recommend it as a tableau de mariage or as a scenographic background for the Confettata and the sweet table.

But also as a special corner for a romantic photobooth where guests can be immortalized in front of a real wall of flowers.

Whatever its destination, the flower wall remains a decidedly versatile element and well adaptable to different styles and themes of the wedding, a detail that will make your wedding unique, personalized and trendy!

Michela Ilaria Paldi

Wedding Planner & Organizer

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