A warm and bright sunny day has illuminated and accompanied the long-awaited moment by Andrea and Alessandra, a unique couple with a strong yet very sweet personality.

Two lives that have intertwined their journey and that Love has changed forever.

Two particular, fascinating hearts, which despite their splendid youth were not exempt from strong emotional experiences.

But their meeting has solved everything in the best way and has finally dissolved all the knots fluidly bringing balance, harmony, warmth and happiness to their Lives!

The choice of an exceptional location, The Sanctuary Eco Retreat, with its exotic flavor, lush gardens and tropical atmospheres, despite being in the heart of Rome, was a continuous open-air setting where guests were welcomed and ” pampered ”by multiple live-performances that accompanied and entertained friends and relatives for the entire duration of the Reception.

Their wedding was a real party for everyone  as  the  words of Alessandra report the next day, thanking all the friends:

“Thank you! Last night there was so much Love! “

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