Mic & Sam
That of Mic & Sam was undoubtedly one of ours Weddings that have involved more countries in the world! Our two spouses, he Italian, she Texan, have mixed a mix explosive of origins, starting with them that, like in a film, they met in America, by chance, when they entered the same Cafe, in the same evening, to “drink something ..”, that something that has sparked an indelible spark in their hearts! And it was immediately Love at first sight …
A great love that will lead them to live together in the City, in London where their friendships will come from everywhere, the same ones that have recently shared their joy in Rome where Mic & Sam they decided to crown their dream by getting married, in a sunny one September morning, in the heart of all the Basilicas: St. Peter’s! A change of dress and a change of scenery for the Reception in the evening: with a real wow effect, the festivities started at sunset in one of the most panoramic Terraces of Rome and have left amazed and admired all the guests present until late at night!
A special couple that will remain forever in our hearts!

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