“Qualcosa di Più” even takes care of health and wellness for its couples giving the opportunity to meet the best Personal Trainers and Nutritionists, chosen among professionals who work at high end levels in Rome: a gift of two private meetings for fitness and nutrition improvement which you can choose to carry on in time.

To be in shape on your wedding day the secret is to find a balanced fitness shape which will benefit stress and mood too: “mens sana in corpora sano”. Our guide is the Wedding Personal Trainer and the benefits of good workouts and nutrition.

  • wedding matrimonio
  • wedding matrimonio

With moderation and balance there is no need for diets or fastings: being in shape means focusing on toning treatments without giving up romantic dinners. Planning a specific type of training routine in your daily schedules will allow to refresh your look before the event in order to appear absolutely perfect for your friends and loved ones.

Nutrition is obviously a very important part of the process, all you will need is a purifying food program.

For the brides in particular, a detoxifying diet will furthermore benefit your skin tone and brightness making you  resplendent on your wedding day.

“Qualcosa di Più”  is very concerned that you can truly enjoy all of the time which prepares you to a life changing day, and takes care of all your worries for you.

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