The Retro-Chic is a theme in which from the very beginning of the wedding the old fashioned taste is predominant: starting from the invitations, every detail will accompany the guests back to the first decade of the twentieth century, the years of Jazz and Charleston. The scenery will use soft tone colors and precious decorations in order to make the spouses look like they come from a vintage photoshoot.

The bride’s wedding dress will be weaven in elegant and romantic materials in natural fibers like linen, silk and satin and will be embellished with accessories such as brooches, ribbons and laces. The chromatic choice will be oriented towards pastel colours, from antique pink to beige,to ivory including many shades of light blue and baby blue.

The ideal locations will be surrounded by nature and the compositions must be treated in detail in order to convey the essence of the chosen theme and to recreate the typical glossy atmosphere of the retro style.

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