The romantic themed wedding has been imagined for a bride with elegant and courtly tastes, perfect for the dreamer who loves bon ton, tradition and old fashioned style.

The bouquet, simple and truly emotional, will combine delicate anemones with antique pink rosebuds.

A romantic wedding is created out of a precisely defined style which determines the choices of colours, flowers and locations. Binding together elegance, gracefulness and charm will create the atmosphere you’ve always dreamed of.

The perfect locations for these types of weddings remain castles and historical mansions, nevertheless the latest trends suggest that the wedding reception could be held inside a small countryside house, surrounded by flower fields flourishing in springtime.

  • wedding matrimonio
  • wedding matrimonio

The preparation of the environment and the decorations will reflect gracefulness and daintiness enhancing the romantic mood of this theme, looking for soft and sinuous outlines which recall to Liberty and Art Nouveau.

The flower decorations too, will be sober and with delicate scents. At sunset, as daylight slowly fades, the atmosphere will become truly magical with the use of candles, lanterns and many little light points. The most romantic way to welcome the evening.

A wedding is always a dream that has come true and the organization of a wedding reception in a perfect romantic theme requires a great attention to details and rules which make each moment memorable.

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