There are many different ways to pledge eternal love. Whatever you choose “Qualcosa di Più” will help you make your dreams come true. Choosing a Symbolic Wedding form, creativity and personal taste will be the main focus in order to create a truly original ceremony. Any location could be perfect to celebrate a symbolic wedding: an evocative sea shore or a beautiful country house surrounded by nature. The result will be astonishing. The spouses who choose this type of celebration focus on the spiritual meaning of the ceremony, where feelings and emotions are the real essence.

The reasons behind this choice may be different, but the one feeling that all of the couples have in common is the will to share with family and friends the vow of a new life together.

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Although it will not have any civil or religious valence, the Symbolic Wedding allows to combine the most romantic desires about your wedding, with the practical  and logistic needs of those couples who choose to marry in our Country, even without Italian citizenship.
As it could be celebrated anywhere, the couple is completely free to imagine anything they desire in order to create it. All of your wishes, come true in one day, will surely become one of the best memories to carry.  Family and friends could be actively participating in the celebrations, reading letters, poems or personal dedications to the newlyweds.
Often our customers will have the possibility to celebrate the ceremony inside the location chosen for the wedding reception, in order to make this celebration with your loved ones unforgettable. “Qualcosa di Più” will escort you inside the courtyard of a castle or in a beautiful garden inside a villa, surrounded by a beautiful sight and all of your family. This will let you enjoy the best day in your life with originality and emotion.

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